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Penny the Palomino Quarter Horse and Her New Shoes – Best First Picture book by Literary Classics

Penny the Palomino Quarter Horse Children’s Series – Silver in Best Children’s Series by Literary Classics

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Penny is a palomino quarter horse from Dimebox.  She is a worrier by nature and that nature gets her into one funny scene and story after another.  Her first adventure is called Penny the Palomino Quarter Horse and Her New Shoes.  When she overhears her owner, Mr. Dollarhide, say that the next day she will be getting new shoes, she spends the rest of the evening worrying what kind they will be. Below is just one wonderful scene that Penny imagines in this charming children’s book.

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Penny’s second adventure is called Penny the Palomino Quarter Horse and The Triple Crown Mystery.


In this second adventure, Penny hears that she will be going to the Triple Crown.  She does not know what a hat with three crowns looks like and spends the entire book trying to figure out the mystery.  This book is perfect for horse-racing fans out there or for someone who likes a fun book about horses and lots and lots of flowers!  There are a ton of fun facts about the Triple Crown Horse races and even a shout out to the famed Secretariat if the readers look closely at the illustrations.


Have fun finding all the hidden triple crowns as there is one on each wonderful illustration. This book can be purchased here at